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About Us

About Fr8War

Fr8War offers a boundary-less, efficient and dynamic online portal where transporters and consumers can interact. Whether you are a transport carrier or a consignor, you can easily use our portal to avail transport or offer services, with ease and efficiency. Our portal is robust, flexible and fast and you can use it to benefit your business in multiple ways.


How Fr8War Helps consignor,

If you are a custmer, you can obtain access to a wide network of coustmer through our portal. The transport environment is highly competitive; our portal helps you discreetly evaluate transporters based on the services they offer. Use us to locate the transporters you want to work with, based on their quote and their service levels. Finding the right transporter has never been this easy before!


How Fr8War Portal Helps Carrier

If you are a Carrier, our portal frees you from the many methods you use to get customers. Now, you don’t need to advertise your services, or follow up on social media. Through us, you can access a huge network of people who are seeking the service you provide. You’ll be free of the hassles of obtaining business. It’s all just a click away – get the customers and the business you want right you’re your desk.


Fr8War Mission

Our Mission is to bring both transport carrier or a consignor, to one place and empower them to get what they want. By removing the line that separates them, we wish to bring about highly-improved transportation efficiency.
We achieve our mission through a merging of insights gleaned from the transport industry with the latest technology. Our online portal seamlessly integrates the presence of carrier or a consignor. We enable and empower them to greater business satisfaction via our robust, fast and transparent system.


Fr8War Vision

Our Vision is to build an ambitious and online futuristic transportation business infrastructure. This infrastructure will generate more business for our ecosystem’s users. Our system will be so robust and efficient that we envisage continued benefit to all concerned for many years ahead.


Our Role

Our role is simple – we provide a robust online portal which enables service providers and seekers to connect. Both parties can contract their business independently, without any interference from us. The two parties can transact their business in total privacy, which is ensured by the portal’s security. Our role is to facilitate the communication between both parties, successfully enabling their business transactions.


Our Ethics

  • We want our online portal to efficiently and responsibly add value to the transport industry, without any impact on our portal’s ecosystem.
  • We are keen on simplifying transportation services and business transactions for the customers in our portal’s ecosystem
  • We aim to continuously deliver enhanced dividends to our stakeholders
  • We also want to contribute positively to the society we live in
  • We are interested in achieving our goals in a respectful and courteous manner