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Why Us

Fr8War – Why Us?

Control your dispatches, your product manifest, your transportation and your vendors – all from a single platform dashboard. We offer you not only a reliable cloud-based logistics management solution, but also a way to:

  • Reduce your overall spend
  • Manage your transport dispatches
  • Track your vendors’ performance

You can set up your Fr8War dashboard in just 15 minutes. Once you’ve got your vendors registered, you’ll be managing procurements every 30 minutes. You can track your transport vehicles, managing their locations via our friendly dashboard. At any given time, you’ll know where your vehicles are, and when they’ll be arriving.

  • Use our automated, time-bound reverse action system to manage your daily dispatches
  • Monitor your vendors’ competitive bids through our dashboard and select the vendor that’s perfect for you!
  • Review vendor performance on a day-to-day basis and take action where required.
  • Deploy a failsafe backup option immediately when something goes wrong without interfering with your dispatches
  • Manage all related logistics tasks – vendor compliances, billing and accounting from our friendly dashboard.!
  • Save time on price haggling. Daily prices will be recorded on the platform – just review, and select. .
  • Keep an eye on pricing trends and stay on top of your dispatches via our dashboard.