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Transferring goods from one place to another safely and on time is the key to driving most modern economies. If you are also planning to ship a vehicle or sell it overseas, your lack of information on the logistics of both scenarios could do you more harm than you think.

When you are just about ready to commit to using a particular popular freight company, you need to put together a list of questions to ask to feel more confident about your decision as well as the job at hand. So, before you start making calls, use the following questions as a potential starting point for your selection process to distinguish the rookies from the professionals:

  1. Areas of service and the frequency to provide the same

One of the most important things is to be assured that the logistics company can effortlessly deliver directly to you. Some companies work India-wide whereas others are more localized. You may think that an India-wide company seems like an ideal option, but it’s better to ask yourself if it is really necessary.

Like, what if you only need to move goods from within your state? What if a more local logistics company can cover the same distance for a lesser price? Moreover, a local company will even be more likely to understand the area better.

  • The cost

Cost is one of the main things to consider before finalizing anything. You should make efforts to avoid the ‘one size fits all’ pricing structure, and instead, choose someone that determines it to the individual and exactly how much produce/product is being moved from one point to another. However, some companies do work on set prices, too.

Eventually, whichever company you choose, make sure you’ve done enough research to be sure that their services will be saving you money in the long run.

  • How do they take care of goods?

Unfortunately, there’s very less concern for the protection of goods instead of how and where to ship. So, it becomes very important to ask the shipping company to prepare and organize your goods for transit.

You should ensure that they make all the possible efforts to make sure that your goods reach in the same condition they were when sent.

  • Years in business

Expertise comes with experience and failures, of course! Although age isn’t the only sign of trustworthiness, it’s always good to know that a logistics provider has a proven infrastructure and established relationships in the industry. Knowledge of this helps you frame the rest of the discussion.

  • Which technology do they use?

Different goods need different techniques to move them safely and efficiently. Also, it’s a simple fact that certain goods require special conditions. For instance, certain foods need to remain under particular temperatures whereas others need to remain above a set temperature.

Every such technology is out there; just make sure they have it. You should also ensure that they make efforts to go about achieving the quickest and safest routes, be it through GPS or other means.

  • Their core philosophy

Apart from all the service details and industry experience, you also want someone who does business in a way that aligns with your company’s culture. This helps to build better long term relationships, as well as giving you a deeper insight into what values the company holds.

In business, you should never be afraid to get clarity and ask around. Always make sure that a quick delivery does not come at the expense of your bank account or the quality of your goods. Are you looking forward to your next shipment? If yes, then is the ideal platform for you. It compares quotes according to your budget and gives you multiple logistic services to choose from. Just enter your location details, budget, weight and commodity type/name and you’re good to go. Contact [email protected] to know more.