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Over the years, India has taken remarkable steps to improve its Logistics sector. According to World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI), India has reached 44th Position in terms of overall Logistics Development. Due to the introduction of GST and freight supportive schemes launched by Indian Government; this industry is expected to reach the valuation of US $215 Billion in the next two years.  However, it does not mean that there are no problems in this sector, and life is all rosy here. Many truck and lorry drivers are leaving this profession because of the lack of necessary facilities, poor condition of roads, constant workloads, and miserable sanitation facilities. Indian Freight sector has seen many tech developments over the years, and many transport apps are coming into the picture. One such mobile transport app is FR8War, which act as an online truck booking app. You can book cargo services at the comfort of sitting at home. However technology hasn’t reached small transporters yet. Today we will discuss and highlight three major problems that are faced by Indian truck drivers and small transporters. 


The pathetic condition of cargo vehicles is one big issue in the Indian freight sector. Many transportation companies don’t invest money in servicing of trucks, due to which, the condition of lorries or trucks worsens with time. The health condition of drivers and shipping vehicle is often ignored, so as to save money on supply chain costs. Companies need to have a broader vision regarding maintenance of cargo vehicles to ensure they can service their loads for a longer duration and optimum performance.


The level of tech awareness among drivers is very shallow. Even after the internet boom in India, small independent transporters lack the required tech knowledge. 

There are online truck booking apps, that can help them to scale their business to new heights.


India has a dense network of roads and highways, but most are in poor condition, especially the ones that provide rural connectivity. Pathways are full of pits, which not only cause delays but are also become responsible for wrecking consignment vehicles.

Sanitation facilities and Rest stops also come under the umbrella of Infrastructure development. The roadside ‘dhabhas’ are the only rest stops known to truck drivers for meals and sanitation.  

There should be proper focus given to infrastructure development for roads and rest stops.

Above were the three major problems faced by Indian transporters. We need to focus on overall infrastructure development to boost the country’s logistics economy. India can only become super-power if we are able to achieve smooth goods flow from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and from Kandla to Kibithu.

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