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There is no doubt that the Logistics sector plays a vital in any country’s infrastructure development. NO smooth goods flow means NO steady economy. There are mainly three modes for freight operations: Air, Water, and Roadways. However, we cannot neglect the fact that three are also significant contributors to carbon pollutants in the environment. It is worth mentioning that out of total global greenhouse emissions, 64 percent is due to Logistics operations. 

Therefore, “Green Logistics” was coined to curb the increasing CO2 levels in the environment due to transportation and shipping. It aims to create logistics solutions whilst not harming the environment at the same time.  There are many ways companies can cut their carbon footprints. Let’s see a few of them: –


Electric Trucks and Drones can be better alternatives to gasoline trucks for reducing greenhouse pressure on the environment. They emit zero smoke and are more efficient than conventional vehicles for on-road transportation and local deliveries.


Shortest route planning algorithm can help in finding the shortest route between warehouse and destination.

With the rise of exploratory data analysis, companies can now compare different paths in real-time. They can cut their carbon emissions and increase profits by saving money on fuel.

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Instead of hiring different trucks for the same location, combining cargo into one big consigner truck is a far better choice. It will be both a pocket and environment-friendly.


By making use of predictive analytics, companies can predict orders in advance for a particular state or city. Anticipatory Logistics needs proper planning and well-organized warehouse management.

There are many benefits of Green Logistics, but the main two are down below: –


Green logistics is all about reducing waste by increasing efficiencies in freight processes. ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ is the only motto. Companies can brand themselves as nature-friendly, which will give them a slight edge over their competitors in terms of marketing. There’s also no risk of being fined by Anti-Pollution department by adopting green practices in the supply chain.

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By taking green management practices into account, transportation companies are doing their bit for the preservation of the environment. Putting a halt on production of hazardous products is essential for clean and green surroundings. It is a joint responsibility, and every other industry should do its utter best to preserve it.

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