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You might be a carrier or even a consigner. Regardless of the category you belong to, you will be interested in ensuring that your logistic management process goes on well. This is where the Fr8War platform can help you. What is this platform all about and how it can help? Let us find out here:

A Bidding Platform

If you are a consigner, you need the best and affordable carrier for safely carrying your stuff to the intended place. If you are a carrier, you want consigners to hire you for safe logistic management. At the Fr8War platform, we help both these parties. If you are a consigner, you can find a carrier and if you are a carrier, you can connect with a consigner through our platform. 

What Do We Do?

Apart from offering logistic management software, at Fr8War, we provide a digital connection between carriers and consigners. In turn, both these parties can achieve cost-effective, transparent, and smarter movement of goods from across the world. Our platform has been designed to permit more carriers to compete for their load. Also, through our platform, many consigners can get instant availability of carriers that too at the best cost. In turn, our tool eliminates the issues that you as a consigner face daily. In many instances, you might have experienced issues with negotiating and planning for transportation of freight, haggling over the freights, and many such issues. Our platform through a single source can resolve these issues for you with ease.

Easy steps

Our logistic management system at Fr8War will help you get your valuables shipped in easy steps if you are a consigner.  All you have to do is just register with us or email us. Once you do the registration, you can publish your load details. Seeing your details, many carriers will bid on based on your load details. You have the option to choose the carrier, who offers affordable pricing. In short, our platform has been designed to help consignors and carriers meet each other with ease.

What if you are a carrier? You can register yourself with us or can email us. Once registered, you will start getting multiple load requests from consigners. You can submit your bids with competitive pricing. If the load is awarded to you, you will get a notification from our logistic management system software.

In short, for the best logistic management solution, you can rely on us for the right help at Fr8War. As we are experienced in this domain, we can provide the right help to you for sure. For more information, do visit fr8war.