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Corona Virus aka Covid-19 is hitting not only healthcare sector but all the businesses around the globe. Starting from India, experts are saying that Indian Automobile Sector is going to suffer the most because of this sudden disruption in supply chain. 27% of auto parts like fuel injection pumps, turbochargers etc. directly come from China to India. In monetary terms, India could feel the impact of $4.8 billion (or more for the customized products) in the coming future.  

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Big tech companies like Apple are suffering the most and facing huge losses. Because of erratic behaviour of supply chain, the deliveries of units are reaching slower than expected. Though manufacturing plants are slowly opening in China, but Apple’s supply chain is still not expected to get back on track for the next few months. Apple mostly relies on suppliers from Asia, Malaysia, Israel for key iPhone components. Therefore, the whole situation has become quite problematic for the tech giant. Apple has temporarily closed all its stores outside China. Apple will reportedly start the mass-production of New iPad and Iphone-12 by the end of the May. They both were launched recently.

Wuhan, the Chinese city where it all started has actually a very dense connection of roads, railways and expressways with other major cities for smooth working of supply chain. It is also the manufacturing hub for China for the last few decades. Pharma Industries, Automotive Industries are suffering the most negative effects in Wuhan because of its shutdown. Various companies at China are taking special measures to bring labour force from remote areas. There are charted buses or even planes to bring employees back to work spaces from remote areas. At the same time, they are generating rewards for employees who come to work during this time. There’s no doubt that China is trying his utter best to mitigate the after-effects of Covid-19. 

It’s important to know that the next few days will be critical for whole world’s supply chain. The health of drivers is also something that should be taken into picture. WHO has advised that they should be careful while meeting someone and wash their hands as often as possible. Whole trucks be sanitized properly so there would be no chance of spreading of this deadly virus. Only those things should be transported which are absolute necessity like vegetables, grains etc.  Personal health matters over any economic health. After all, the latter depends on the first one.

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