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If you’re a budding commodity-based start-up, you need optimum logistics services to maintain the continuous & smooth flow of goods within the supply chain. It’s crucial that you stay aware of the movement of products between your suppliers, warehouses, and customers. Being a start-up, your goal should be delivering products to your customers as quickly as possible without spending a lot. There’s no denying in the idea that good logistics services can help you grow and scale new heights. Speed and cost should be two main priorities while selecting logistics services for your business. These two factors influence each other a lot, for example, if you desire faster delivery for your load, you have to shell out more money.

Let’s see some of the ways, how good logistics services can help a small start-up like yours to grow: –

Save Time

Good logistics services can help you save time on haggling over phones to local transporters regarding price and dates. In case you want to book trucks online from your smartphone, you can do so by registering yourself with Fr8War. Fr8War acts as a digital bidding platform for consignors like you, where you can enter shipping details along with price and various transporters will bid for it. You instantly get the best price without moving an inch.

Make Use of Modern Tech for Route Optimization

Today we are living in the age of data. Machine Learning & Data Science is revolutionizing this industry, by using data to bring useful insights. Modern Tech acts as a boon for truckers as well as new business owners.  

Various tech logistics companies are making use of this data to make solid predictions about the weight of the load to be carried to a particular location and the best route as per the situation of weather and other crucial factors. This helps in not only saving time but also cutting back on fuel costs. This minimize the losses, and increases the profit margins of the company. 

Hassle-Free Workflow

When supply chains become smooth, the end-customer has to wait less for their delivery. This boosts the financial and status prospects of that business. Therefore, good logistics services mean a hassle-free workflow (excluding the cases of delays faced during production).  

Affordable Services

Today, a lot of transportation services are coming into the picture. With more options available on the click of a button, consignors can choose better services for a decent price. This makes transportation services more affordable to new-age entrepreneurs. 

Fr8War works as a digital bridge between consignors and transporters. Here, the consignor enters cargo details along with the ceiling price, and various transporters will bid for it from the other end. The transporter who bids the lowest gets the deal. Transporters compete for the load, and consignors on the other end instantly get the best delivery price. With Fr8War, the process of freight booking is simple: POST. BID. RELAX. 

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