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Technological advancement has brought a big change to the logistics sector in recent years. New technology is changing the way of work and transforming businesses with automation. Now businesses have two choices either to walk with the trend and take advantage of technological changes or forcefully adopt the market trends. The change in technology shifts the focus of companies towards logistics and supply chain automation and if this area is worth investing. 


Supply Chain Innovation:- 


Digital supply chain is becoming a big trend affecting the logistics industry because of the availability of cost-effective technology and innovation. IoT and Big Data-driven from different layers of the supply chain improves the efficiency of a business and further helps to generate fast revenue. 


Logistics As a Service:-


Cloud-based Innovation has given access to real-time information and allows the companies to take control over logistics. Logistics as a service is a powerful technological trend in the logistics industry which helps to reduce the cost and improve customer experiences. This also allows companies to make instant decisions if there is any disruptive event.


A Rise In E-commerce:- 


The explosive growth of E-commerce increases the demand of customers. Today customers want every new product available at the right price so that they can shop anytime, anywhere with nearly zero delivery charges, and E-commerce is increasing the majority of B2B sales. That’s why the management of the supply chain is moving towards automation to reduce higher costs and make the logistics process simple. 


Modern Consumers:-


In this era, customers are having high expectations from transport service providers as they want fast delivery of goods and demand visibility of delivery status. Due to this, logistics industries are shaping themselves to meet customer expectations. This is putting immense pressure on transportation and logistics companies and increasing the freight moment cost. Adopting automation in logistics is the only way to manage this problem. This will help to track the flow of goods and fulfil customer’s delivery expectations.


Freight Booking Online Apps:- 


Online load booking apps are connecting distributors to thousands of truck drivers for quick delivery of goods. One of the best Freight booking apps is Fr8War, where you can do freight negotiation.

Fr8War is a digital bidding platform for consignors and transporters. This app helps a consignor to find the best transporters as per his budget by entering the freight details and ceiling price; then many transporters online will bid and compete for the shipment. In this way, the transporter gets the contract, and the consignor gets the best delivery price. Book trucks online with Fr8War. Download Fr8War App from Playstore now.