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Whether you are a third-party logistics company or you transport products yourself, you must have heard about Transport Management Solutions (TMS). TMS is crucial for monitoring and managing on-road freight operations within the supply chain. It helps in effective planning and distribution of load. The load managed by a TMS ranges from parcels to bulk commodities. It keeps track of the complete movement of freight from source to the destination capably and cost-effectively. There is hardly any other freight software that can be beneficial for the freight operations of your business such as TMS.

Some noteworthy advantages of using TMS software are as follows: –


Better TMS software bridges the gap between order and warehouse management. Customers, with its help, have the power to track vehicle performance in real-time. They can quickly get the location of their load, and its distance from the destination. It improves customer experience significantly, as now they have a bird view on their load.

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Warehousing is a crucial part of the logistics process. TMS will have record of all incoming and outgoing inventory in the warehouse. By incorporating TMS, companies can predict the number of load units in advance for particular region. Companies can also monitor the lifecycle of orders in real-time and receive status updates. This improves the warehouse management significantly.


The ability to monitor drivers and other processes improve various supply chain processes and reduce logistics inefficiencies. TMS informs managers about the shortest-possible routes and driving experience of the truck drivers. It also enables them to make load changes, or rectify issues that may arise at the last moment.


A TMS software helps in reducing transportation costs marginally. It examines the financial aspects of each route and generates user-oriented suggestions for decreasing expenses. The right TMS saves company’s time and cash and helps in getting more business for the future. Also, better customer experience through TMS will increase the likelihood of referrals.


TMS digitises all the transportation details and financial processes and saves precious time and money involved in cumbersome paperwork. Because of automation, many financial oversights and on-paper human errors can be avoided in advance. TMS is Environment-Friendly, Error Free and Easy to Use.

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