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IoT and Big Data seems two different things but they are complementary; the main purpose of the Internet of things (IoT) is connecting and sharing a huge amount of data with other devices over the internet and, big data means a large amount of information which can be used to improve your future decisions. To hold a large amount of data generated from IoT devices, Big Data analytics tools are used.

IoT and Big Data together are transforming and can further transform the freight sector. Due to the impact of IoT and Big Data, companies can meet the receiver’s expectations and increase the efficiency of making better decisions in future. Like IoT and Big Data, online truck booking apps are also revolutionizing the logistics sector. Book Freight Trucks Online with Fr8War.


The reason why IoT and Big Data are impacting logistics is that they give better access to real-time data to consignors and create a transparent supply chain structure. IoT and Big Data are becoming part of the tremendous growth in the logistics sector


Big data can meet all the needs of a transporter or a consignor, from selecting the mode of transportation to meet the delivery time to get the information about how time, place and weather conditions can affect the delivery time. You can estimate the future demand and warehouse capacity from the previous data.

With Big Data, it becomes easier to understand the customer value and business demands with more accuracy. Big Data Analytics tools save a great amount of time and cost. 


Internet of things(IoT) helps the companies to get real-time information so that they can easily respond to any incidents and take instant decisions. It will help you to understand the relationship between cause and effect. 

IoT tracks the location of vehicles and the whole delivery process to monitor the time management skills of the transporter. Also protects from theft with the help of Anti-theft devices.  

In this highly competitive day and age, transporting goods from one place to another for the right price can be a little difficult. The current method of calling every transporter and then comparing their delivery prices is just not efficient. But with Fr8War, you can be at ease.

Read the blog to learn about common logistics terms that one must be aware about. 

Fr8War is a digital biding platform, where a manufacturer can find the best transporter for his load as per his budget by entering the freight details and its ceiling price. When transporters get the notification, they will bid against the price and compete for the shipment. In this way, transporters easily get the consignment orders and, consignors easily get the best delivery price. Our platform eliminates the problem of calling every transporter to know the best price. You need to fill in your details, set the ceiling price, and then let transporters offer you the best price.